Versant Funding: Factoring Solutions For Small to Mid-Sized Businesses.

Welcome To Versant Funding


Strategic Partners

We work closely with a multitude of referral sources that trust us to help them find solutions to difficult funding problems.  Whether as a broker, bank or other third party, we work as a strategic business partner, taking a long-term view to our relationship.

Extremely Experienced: Our leadership has more than 48 years of combined experience in Non-Recourse Factoring.

Extremely Personal: Every time you contact us you will hear directly from a decision maker. We will respond within hours, usually minutes, to all submissions or inquires.

Extremely Capable: Versant handles larger, more complex deals and is setup to provide fast service. We are capable of funding within 3 business days of initial contact.


Inquire About Becoming A Strategic Partner

We’re always interested  in hearing about new deals – especially the ones you’re frustrated with or can’t get funded elsewhere. See our success stories and how we think outside the factoring box to get deals done.

Complete the Contact  form or call Dan Broadley at 561-405-4101 for quick access and answers

Versant Funding is experienced in working with lenders and their term borrowers (both SBA and traditional) by offering working capital financing in exchange for a carve out of the accounts receivable.  This benefits both the lender and the borrower as the lender retains its lien on the other assets while keeping the term loan in place and the borrower obtains liquidity to continue to grow its business.  Versant has over 20 years of experience working with special assets and workout groups to assist lenders to exit problem loans. Through creative structuring and diligent collateral management we have been able to offer lenders a reliable exit strategy with a trusted partner.

Why Banks Like Us

  • We protect their interests.  In the event of a default we are already managing the A/R so no money will “disappear” and upon notification from the lender we will send all available funds to them.
  • We can require the borrower to keep their deposits and checking account with the bank.
  • Versant’s working capital facilities allow a lender to keep a positive relationship with their borrower.
Our Factoring 411 Process
  1. Complete the Factor Application Form + A/R aging & customer list.
  2. We review the information on the in-take form, check credits of debtors and respond with a decision within hours.
  3. If we like what we see we will want you to facilitate a call with us and the prospect which hopefully ends with us issuing a proposal.

Our objective is to make you as efficient as possible as your time is a valuable and finite resource.

The Factor Referral Program allows you to keep your referral sources happy by saying YES to deals that don’t fit in your credit box. Through our Factor Referral Program we are offering to pay commissions to you as well as your referring broker(s). We have the ability and desire to do deals most factoring companies are not interested in.

We Do The Difficult Deals Involving:

  • Losses
  • Poor credit/ bankruptcy
  • Debtor concentrations
  • Lack of history
  • Split collateral
  • Start-ups
  • Character Issues

Versant is a true discount factor, meaning we only care about the strength of the client’s A/R and because we are self-financed we can do deals banks don’t like.  Through our Factor Referral Program we are offering to pay commissions to you as well as your referring broker(s).