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Project Financing

By factoring the future cash flow of a project, a company can cover its short term needs providing peace of mind. We work with small companies, national and international corporations to facilitate your future cash needs.

Business Growth

Growing too fast is almost as dangerous as not growing at all. Unsteady cash flow associated with rapid growth can keep businesses from growing, taking new opportunities, and reaching their full potential. Factoring gives immediate access to funds to expand and grow without overextending.
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Business Acquisition

Business Acquisition is the process of acquiring a company to build on strengths and weaknesses. More often than not, the initial outlay of acquiring a company can hurt cash flow in the short term. Factoring can cover the cost of the entire acquisition by using the target company’s accounts receivable.

Bridge Financing

Bridge Financing is a method used by companies to get from where they are to where they want to be. Factoring can serve as that bridge until a company is ready to graduate to more traditional form of bank financing.

Working Capital

Working Capital is paramount in a company’s day to day operations. Also, it’s a good measure in determining its short term financial health. Factoring helps stimulate cash flow to meet current working capital requirements.
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Supplier Discounts

A significant discount can be a huge bonus to a company’s bottom line. Use factoring proceeds to capitalize on discounts by accelerating cash flow to purchase inventory at a discounted price.

Seasonal Needs

Seasonality can affect even some of the best run businesses. Let factoring exploit the rush of the busy season and create additional business opportunities.


DIP financing is arranged for a company under the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. Bankruptcy is never an easy process to go through, but factoring can extend the life of the business, enabling it to maintain payroll, stabilize operations, repay creditors, and emerge from bankruptcy.