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Project Financing

By factoring the future cash flow of a project, a company can cover its short term needs with peace of mind.
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Business Growth

A significant discount can be a huge bonus to a company’s bottom line. Use factoring proceeds to capitalize on discounts by accelerating cash flow to purchase inventory at a discounted price.
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Business Acquisition

Business Acquisition is the process of acquiring a company to build on strengths and weaknesses. Factoring can cover the cost of the entire acquisition by using the target company’s accounts receivable.

What We Offer

We provide creative and expert factoring for small to mid-size businesses. With more than 35 years experience, you’ll be getting the best solutions from some of the smartest guys in the factoring industry. You can rely on Versant to deliver solutions.
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Bridge Financing

Bridge Financing is a method used by companies to get from where they are to where they want to be. Factoring can serve as that bridge until a company is ready to graduate to more traditional form of bank financing.
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Working Capital

Working Capital is paramount in a company’s day to day operations and a good measure of  short term financial health. Factoring helps stimulate cash flow to meet current working capital requirements.
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Supplier Discounts

A significant discount can be a huge bonus to a company’s bottom line. Use factoring proceeds to capitalize on discounts by accelerating cash flow to purchase inventory at a discounted price.

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About Us

Versant Funding provides liquidity solutions to companies in need of immediate working capital. Our team combines years of financing experience with a commitment to providing hands-on, responsive service and complete transparency. We are acknowledged experts in factoring, the long-established approach to obtaining working capital through the sale of a company’s accounts receivable invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Versant offer factoring in all U.S. states?


How long does the closing process take?

A typical deal can be closed and funded within one week of the initial referral – in some cases a closing can be expedited.

Does a company have to be profitable to qualify for factoring?

Not always, some clients are new companies that have not yet turned a profit, or they have suffered recent financial losses. Versant looks at the quality of a company’s customers rather than its specific financial condition.

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Why Versant?


We have more than 35 years experience providing expert factoring solutions.


A experienced, knowledgeable team of factoring professionals are always here to help.


Our factoring experts work hard to get the optimum results.

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